Our friends, the citizens of Hong Kong, have a new tool in their arsenal to combat the communist scum that threaten their daily lives and freedom. The CSOQ decentralized peer-to-peer mesh broadcasting network that utilizes Bluetooth technology in place of a persistent managed internet allows our pro-democracy allies to communicate safely without the peeping eyes of tyrannical Chinese government.

Please contact us for Source Code

The Google Play and Apple Store’s have banned our technology and cencored our message. We will utilize our own file share and content delivery networks in order to provide you the XIVX source.

The Team Behind


Behind every great project is a great team. But, a project meant for good, to stabilize and enhance freedom where it is under attack, must have a team that stands firm on principle and never backs down, even with the threat of incarceration or death. The press have labeled us “Anarcho-capitalists” and a “Foe of the People’s Congress.”

We’ll take it. 

We also self-label ourselves as thinkers, hackers, creators and zealots. We use our knowledge and resources to combat the evils of tyrannical governments across the globe. Our reach is paramount and our drive is unrelenting.

The dev team and money

Cunningham, Sumners, Ortuño & Qiang

Content delivery, hosting, distribution

Wormier Malware Database

Bug fixers, propagators, boots on the ground